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Articles are contributed by individual authors for publication here. The individual copyrights for the articles belong to the authors and no reprint or reuse rights are granted to any visitor based upon their appearance here. Contact the individual authors for usage information.

Authors: CLICK HERE to read our article submission guidelines.

NOTE: Views and opinions expressed in the articles are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Resonant Energies or Enigma Creations.

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Animal Communication (1 article)
Ascension (4 articles)
Remembering Your Soul Purpose ~ by Karen Bishop
Knowing who we are at the highest level ... our special gifts and talents and the unique contribution we came to make, automatically puts us in alignment with Source energy and keeps us in a high vibration. When we are in our passion and in our power ... in alignment with who we chose to be before we arrived ... we contribute greatly to the planet. ... (Read More)
The Ascension Primer ~ by Karen Bishop
Have you been experiencing strange and unidentifiable physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual symptoms that leave you wondering if your sanity is intact? Are you going through rapid transitions with your career, personal relationships, and living situations? Have you had an unusual amount of loss of late? ... (Read More)
Staying in Alignment ~ by Karen Bishop
There can be no denying that we are in a monumental and exciting spiritual evolutionary process that is rapidly unfolding right before our eyes. With big shake-ups occurring within and without, it can be a challenging task to stay in alignment with our inner and outer worlds. At times it can feel that just when we get comfortable in a very new space, it is again time to move into something new! ... (Read More)
The Ascension Companion ~ by Karen Bishop
At times through the ascension process, we can become confused, and having some validation can be greatly soothing. With so much occurring for us, within and without, it's a miracle if we can see the forest for the trees! The ascension process is affecting many of us on planet Earth. The Ascension Companion, then, was designed similar to a card deck, but within a book. ... (Read More)
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Crystal Skulls (1 article)
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Green Living (1 article)
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Native Americans (1 article)
Orbs (1 article)
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