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Articles are contributed by individual authors for publication here. The individual copyrights for the articles belong to the authors and no reprint or reuse rights are granted to any visitor based upon their appearance here. Contact the individual authors for usage information.

Authors: CLICK HERE to read our article submission guidelines.

NOTE: Views and opinions expressed in the articles are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Resonant Energies or Enigma Creations.

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Crystal Cleansing for the New Year ~ by Jim Haggerty
It is another new year. Amid the resolutions and renewals and planning for new directions, there is one more thing we might want to schedule. Think about setting aside some time to cleanse and renew your collection of crystals. You can also breathe new life into them by moving them to new display locations or energy points within the home or office ... (Read More)
Getting Started with Your New Pendulum ~ by Jim Haggerty
If this is your first experience with a pendulum, then I’d like to welcome you to a new world of access to information from a higher plane. Pendulums are just one of the tools commonly used for “dowsing”. Pendulums provide us with a mechanism to converse accurately with our subconscious minds. The subconscious mind has access to the universal mind ... (Read More)
Getting the Most from Your Online "Shipping" Dollars ~ by Jim Haggerty
Online shopping is finding its way into more and more homes every day. People are jumping into all kinds of "dot-com" shopping environments from small personal sites to huge corporate sites. As part of that online shopping experience, one of the most confusing, misunderstood and overlooked aspects is the shipping charge generated during checkout. ... (Read More)
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