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Crystal Massage Stones

These extremely high gloss therapy stones are some of the most surprising items we have ever discovered. They would seem at first glance to be simple tumble-polished stones about the size of a small potato. But, upon closer inspection it is noticeable that all the stones have a couple of things in common. Those things are that one side is prodominantly flat while the opposite side is predominantly domed. As it turns out, this is by design and in large part accounts for the amazing feel and variety of uses of the stone.

One use is that they make incredible worry stones. Place the stone in your hand with the domed side against your palm and rub the flat side with your thumb. It's amazingly comforting and therapeutic.

Another use is as a direct massage tool. The finish polish on the stone is so smooth, glossy and slick, and the stone so large, that they work perfectly outside the clothing, or more traditionally against the skin with a little oil. Hold the stone in your hand with the flat side against your palm and rub the domed side against the troubled area and the feeling is nothing short of phenominal. Whenever we have asked people to tell us what they thought of the stones while we rubbed the stone on the back of their shirt, the common sentiment was something like, "I'll give you exactly 30 minutes to stop that." ;-) The feeling is so unusually good that people turn around dumbstruck to stare at the stone and try to figure out what is causing the sensation.

We can only speculate on why these feel so good. Maybe it's the large concentration of crystal, maybe it's the high polish, maybe it's the shape, who know's? One thing is certain, and that is that they are amazing.

Included with the stone is the velveteen pouch shown for clean and protected storage.

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